4CG and OTTO Health

HealthCare Startup Strategic Management Engagement

In September 2016, OTTO Health (ottohealth.com), a Denver, Colorado based communication platform engaged 4ealth Consulting Group (4CG) to consult on their business trajectory and future objectives. 4CG continues its engagement with OTTO Health into 2017 and beyond.

The initial purpose of 4CG’s involvement in OTTO was to begin the process of understanding their current barriers to adoption, to support the planning and strategies related to their technological platform, and to work on creating business and financial goals for the organization based on 4CG’s deep research and expertise with healthcare IT, specifically telehealth.

Working directly with the two founders of OTTO Health, 4CG immediately engaged in understanding the existing prospects, clients, and product roadmap. During our deep-dive into all areas of the OTTO business model, 4CG sought out areas to differentiate OTTO from competitors in the market place.

The resulting analyses provided to OTTO Health included the following elements: OTTO would alter its pricing methodology to support expansion of telehealth into unique business cases as well as new product direction and priorities, market segmentation and focus. In addition to this 4CG provided an undated financial model and assistance in a capital raise.

4CG continues to remain intimately engaged with OTTO from a strategic management consulting standpoint with key executives acting as dedicated resources within OTTO as they continue to grow their market share and product offerings.

“When we initially engaged 4ealth, we thought it would be a quick relationship. What we found when working with them was the determined and skilled individuals that pushed our organization forward in ways we could not imagine. We see them as long-term partners in our business as they are completely aligned with our vision and have infused our organization with the structure, sense of mission, and plan that we have all gotten firmly behind.” John Norton, COO of OTTO Health

“OTTO Health is uniquely positioned to capitalize on a variety of trends in healthcare. Their leadership and vision of a connected health experience for patients and providers is one that resounds with their partners, and now they are focused on the delivery of that vision. Their passion for improving healthcare through the thoughtful creation and execution of supporting technologies is one that we believe is now poised for significant success moving forward.” Evan Frankel, CEO of 4CG

As OTTO Health continues on their journey and increases their market share, the presence of 4CG resources will be leveraged to ensure a successful and scalable model that will persist through any changes in the Healthcare industry.